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Our areas of specialization include recruitment, management and training of all categories of support staff to desiring organizations.

Our terms of reference stem from our understanding that the human resource is the most valuable, sensitive and expensive resource, as it manipulates all other resources in an organizational setting

The Benefits of Outsourcing Support Staff

The concept of outsourcing support staff, a relatively new organizational strategy, offers the following benefits to client organizations:
Client –Specific Recruitment. Prior discussions with client organizations provide us with an understanding of peculiar requirements and expectations. Thus, KNL adopts detailed recruitment and selection procedures to ensure a near-perfect match with client requirements... Read more

Kezgeal Nigeria Limited is blessed with experienced professionals who have been involved in the management of these services in various organizations they had worked.

Kezgeal has created a platform aimed at bringing together both the job seekers and prospective employers of labour in a seamless manner.

Vision - Unlimited opportunity for growth

Mission - To grow a company committed to creating value adding products and services that will impact positively on human lives

  • Recruit qualified candidates for employers of labour

  • To run a fully equipped professional Baking School in Nigeria

  • Redefine standards in the provision of  supply chain management services

  • Be a one-stop-shop for all supply chain activities

  • Supply quality office equipments at reasonable prices


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